HIDOE Inclusive Practices

The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) embraces a culture of inclusive education where all students are accepted members of their school community, where students with disabilities have equal access to and successfully engage in the same educational environment and learning opportunities as their non-disabled peers.

Inclusive education and practices are being realized across the state through the HIDOE Hui Pu Project which supports complex areas (CA) and schools in rethinking program design around student opportunities, expectations, and student-centered decision making. The Hui Pu Project has been rolled out in two phases. The first phase (School Years 17-18,18-19) included intensive support provided by Stetson and Associates for 50 targeted schools and their CA partners. The second phase (School Years 19-20 - present) is intended to scale practices across all schools in the HIDOE through the employment of the following initiatives to ensure all our students are fully integrated into their school and community:

Online Resources

Distance Learning Resources

Inclusion Resources

  • Scheduling Forms

  • Inclusion Roadmap

Differentiated Instruction

  • Student Profiles

  • Instructional Strategies

Collaborative Teaching

  • Planning Forms

  • Discussion Tools

  • Guides for Collaborative Teaching


  • Schedules

  • Role as Paraeducator

  • Working with Small Groups

For information, contact Krysta Salon, Educational Specialist, Exceptional Support Branch, at Krysta.Salon@k12.hi.us or 808-690-0651.