Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) has partnered with Stetson and Associates to mentor and guide complex area (CA) leaders across the state in becoming certified Step by Step trainers. The Step by Step process emphasizes the importance of student-centered decisions for assigning supports and services for students based on their individual needs. Each participating complex area leader will support schools in creating action plans and identifying criteria for determining the successful implementation of effective practices. The action plans address six critical themes that are covered in the Step by Step training:


1. Instructional Settings

2. Collaboration and Shared Ownership

3. Instructional Excellence for Diverse Learners

4. In-Class Support Models and Strategies

5. Peer and Family Relationships

6. Effective Use of Personnel

In order to be certified as Step by Step trainers complex area leaders will:

Upon the completion of the above activities, CA leaders will be encouraged to begin delivering the Step by Step training to continue the scale-up efforts for schools within their complex areas.

If you are interested in learning more about the certification process, please contact Krysta Salon, Educational Specialist, Exceptional Support Branch, at or 808-690-0651.