Specialized Support

Level 3: Excellence | Level 2: Implementation | Level 1: Initiation

Specialized support is provided in a setting outside of the general education classroom to address a specified goal. The need for specialized support is reviewed frequently to consider if a less restrictive setting for services would be appropriate. Successful implementation is characterized by the following practices.

Level 3: Excellence

  • Individual decisions about specialized support reflect student needs rather than what is available on the campus.
  • Special education and general education teachers routinely communicate with one another and coordinate efforts to align the work in the special education classroom with the general education classroom.
  • Placement in a specialized support setting is only recommended after teams have analyzed a student's instructional and support needs (Stetson and Associated Form 1 and 2).
  • The need for services outside of the general classroom is reviewed often and objectively and when appropriate, students are returned to the general education classroom.
Teacher support a small group of elementary students

Level 2: Implementation

Peers completing work in pairs
  • Community-based instruction, when appropriate for the student, especially for transition aged students, is provided and the community is viewed as an inclusive setting.
  • Research-based instructional practices are used to support learning and improve outcomes for students with disabilities.
  • The general education curriculum is the standard for each student. Unique or non-standard curricula are only used when necessary for the student.

Level 1: Initiation

  • Specialized support settings provides instruction to small groups of students who are working on the same, or closely related, learner objectives.
  • Teachers understand the importance of academic learning time. Instructional time is not wasted or students left idle.
  • Instructional tasks and materials are age and grade appropriate.
  • Assistive technology is used effectively based on the individual needs of the student.
Student uses a calculator to solve a math equation